Basics card – some thoughts

I don't know if this would work, or have consequences I haven't thought of, but I think all social security money should be via the Basics Card. I don’t mean pensions and the like, but income support type payments like unemployment benefits and student payments. As a socialist society, we have a responsibility to support the less fortunate, and I accept the cost of doing so. However I strongly object to supporting a welfare lifestyle, in which people are able to live a life of indolence at my expense. The fact that people below the poverty line can afford to buy alcohol and tobacco, and other drugs, galls me. Especially when my tax dollars are funding this expenditure.
I read recently that the tobacco excise in the NT was to be increased by 25% and some tosser commented on the media that this would amount to child abuse as people would not be able to feed their children as a result. You’ve got to be kidding!!! What happened to parental responsibility and the need to set priorities? Maybe I should claim that I can’t feed my children because I need the money to buy a new computer or upgrade my iPhone!!
The Basics Card can be used to purchase all of the necessities of life so 100% of welfare income should be managed in this way. If people want cash they need to get a job. Sure they won’t be able to buy grog or smokes or take a holiday, but so what. Why should the state pay for luxuries anyway?

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