Holidays are coming!

I have an app on my iPhone that tells me that we go on holidays in 38 days.  In the Northern Territory we get 4 weeks school holidays in the middle of the year, so this is when our family tries to go on a big trip.

This year the plan is to go to Adelaide, then Brisbane and Fraser Island, back to Adelaide, then off to visit my siblings on Eyre Peninsula before returning home. We have four weeks to fit it all in, so part of the fun starts now with the planning.  There is a long list of people we’d like to catch up with, and we also have to fit in some essential tasks like fitting the new engine into the Landcruiser and getting it tuned correctly.

One of my concerns is security, as recently a Tennant Creek resident returned home from holidays to find his home wrecked and ransacked.  There’s not a great deal you can do, except lock everything up and try to make it look as if you’re still around.  We have insurance, but that wouldn’t make up for losing the things which are dear to us.  Two of our bikes were stolen a few weeks ago, as I have posted about, and that was bad enough.  Anyway, I guess we just have to cope with the concern, otherwise the only solution is to never go anywhere.  If that was the solution, we’d be better off not owning anything!

So the holiday planning is coming along well.  There are so many things to arrange that this year I’m doing something new, I’m using a checklist to make sure I remember everything.  Maybe I’m just getting older, but it does detract a little from my enjoyment of a holiday when I forget something important!

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