CRANAplus Conference 2011

This year, the CRANAplus annual conference will be held in Perth.  I submitted a paper “Dealing with uncertainty in clinical practice” which was held in reserve as the organizing committee had more papers than they needed.  This was a good thing, as it wasn’t too long ago that CRANAplus struggled to get enough papers to fill the slots at the conference.  I have written and presented papers at the past four conferences, so it was with some relief that I found I could have a rest this year.  Or that was the plan.
Last week I was emailed a request to consider presenting after all.  It seems another speaker had pulled out.  It didn’t take more than a few seconds to decide that I felt strongly enough about my topic to go ahead, so it’s back on track.  Watch this space, as I jot down some thoughts about the topic, to add to what I’ve already posted.

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