Tropical gardening

It’s interesting growing a garden in Tennant Creek. We gave the wet and dry seasons as we are 500km north of the Tropic of Capricorn. During the dry season, plants need regular watering but the temperature is not high, so it’s manageable. In the much hotter wet season, it is fortunately also wetter, so use of tap water is minimal. Plants grow like crazy though, what with the perfect combination of warmth and water. Hence our front yard looks lush and green at this time of year. Unfortunately we have very little soil in our yard, so growing food plants is difficult. Because of aggressive termites, we can’t use the usual timber planks to make raised garden beds like we did in Oodnadatta. We are currently saving to buy a few Eco posts made of recycled paper, as they are termite proof. They cost about $90 each, do it will be a while yet!!

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