A wheelchair-accessible vehicle for our family

Well, I’d better write a few lines before I start getting obituaries!!  It’s been a busy couple of months recently.
Laura and I flew to Melbourne in early February to pick up a Ford Transit van with a wheelchair lifter.  This vehicle makes it much easier to move Anita about – even 6-year-old Erin can load Mum into the van and connect her chair to the tie-downs.  The lifter is a hydraulic Tieman unit, and can easily cope with the 150kg weight of Anita and electric power chair.  The tie-down system is a great concept by Qstraint, using self-retracting straps like a normal seat belt.  You just hold down a red button and pull out the strap, then hook the end to a secure point on the chair (in our case the seat anchors).  This is done on all 4 corners, then the straps automatically ratchet up tight.  So simple!

Wheelchair Lifter

2001 Ford Transit

All we need now is for Laura to get her P-plates, then Anita won’t be dependent on me having time to drive her around.

One thought on “A wheelchair-accessible vehicle for our family

  1. I’m sure Anita will appreciate the gesture. How is she now? Well, I think it is a good idea that you got her a custom-fit van. Vehicles like this are ideal for wheelchairs, since the tie-downs can hold the wheelchair firmly on place. And Anita will feel comfortable during the long drive.


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