Cars vs Cows

A couple of weeks ago we had a trip to Adelaide suddenly terminated.  We hit a large cow on the Stuart Highway in the Transit van. The end of the story – the van was written off, we’re all OK, the cow is dead.
I’ve seen plenty of people who have experienced a collision with a bovine road user.  The cow usually ends up dead, but all too often so do the humans involved.  We were lucky.  Part of the luck was due to my years of country driving, and the rest was physics and timing.
Just before the collision I took evasive action and very nearly avoided the cow altogether.  Unfortunately for both of us, she also took evasive action – in the same direction as me!  Bang, flip, spin.  All over in less than 2 seconds.  End of cow, end of trip, end of wheelchair accessible vehicle.  Most importantly though, NOT the end of us.

 Once the insurance stuff is sorted out, we’ll need to work out how to transport Anita from A to B. Will we go for another vehicle?  Use the trailer and Cruiser? Stay home?  I’m not sure yet, but I’d say running a second vehicle is something I’m keen to avoid if possible.   Watch this space …

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