ARB air compressor a disappointment

I finally got around to dismantling the ARB air compressor mounted under the bonnet of the Landcruiser.  Sure enough, the exhaust valve has failed, again.  Last time it failed, I got a new one from ARB for about 70 cents plus $5 postage.  This time is was informed that the old compressor is no longer supported by ARB, and hence I can’t get a new valve for it.  They say that they supported it for 3 years, and now I have to buy the new model.  Since I paid $360 for the old one, and hardly had any use out of it, I’m a bit annoyed that I have to discard it for the sake of a 70 cent piece of plastic. 
ARB really should have recalled the old compressors and replaced the flimsy nylon valves with brass or stainless steel, rather than turning their backs on customers who bought their poorly-engineered product. So I’m researching a new air compressor to go in the Cruiser, and chances are it won’t be from ARB!!

4 thoughts on “ARB air compressor a disappointment

  1. Typical of ARB, same with their awning, the first thing to go in strong wind is the 50 cent clips. We will probably have the same issue next year when it is 3 years old, they will probably change the clips.We have changed our air compressor over to blue tongue (Made in USA by Thomas Rus) from Opposite Lock, it has been very good so far, 2 years old and has warranty of 5 years.


  2. I am going to new air compressor. This compressor is very noise, my wife angry about this. I want to buy compressor vary less than 60db. Do you have a lot of experience, give me your opinions?


  3. Copper Freer offers reliable and professional air compressor service. We provide our services in Leicester, Peterborough, Corby, Northampton, Nottingham, Derby, UK, Milton Keynes, Kettering, Coventry, and Lincoln. We offer regular services to yearly maintenance.


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