Landcruiser upgrade

The upgrade on the 80 series is coming along well.  I have completed the replacement of all suspension bushes.  The castor correction bushes were an excellent addition, as they cured the slight wandering tendency arising from the 2-inch suspension lift.  I have replaced a rear universal joint, as I found it to be worn when I was under the vehicle doing the suspension bushes.  It’s a case of looking for one problem and finding another!  Anyway, the new uni-joint was on the shelf in the workshop, so it was only a few minutes to make the repair.
When I went to replace the handbrake shoes, I found that Toyota altered the specs in August 1992.  Therefore the new shoes I bought for the previous Cruiser (a 1991 model that got written off by a drunk driver in Alice Springs) don’t fit my current vehicle.  So I’m awaiting the arrival of new handbrake shoes in the mail…
What’s next?  There’s a brand new brass and copper radiator in the workshop, but I think that can go in with the engine swap in June.

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