Lowlifes on the loose

We had two bicycles stolen from our yard last week.  Apart from the feeling of violation, and the self-recriminations about not locking them to the verandah post, it’s the inconvenience that really rankles.  Because we live in a remote town, we cannot easily replace the bikes. We’ve had to order new ones online, and now we await their delivery.
This event has left us $1650 out of pocket, half of that from my 15 year old daughter replacing her bike that she bought out of her part-time work after school.  Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that my bike had a mounting bracket on it to connect my 6-year-old’s tagalong bike.  This bracket is no longer available, so unless I can fabricate one myself, we may have to also replace the tagalong bike.
If we find out who stole the bikes, a quiet discussion using a tyre lever may be in order.  I’m not an advocate of violence, but this has got my blood boiling.  If the lowlifes just get away with it, why would they ever see the need to change their behaviour.  If their behaviour leads to a few broken bones, maybe the behaviour will change?  Anyway, I’m just dreaming, because the reality is that we won’t see the bikes again, and the perpetrators will get away with stealing them.  That’s life, and we’ll make sure we keep the new ones locked up, even when they are hidden in our enclosed yard.

One thought on “Lowlifes on the loose

  1. It's May 4th now and we're still awaiting the police report number!! Can't make an insurance claim without it.Also still waiting for the new bikes to arrive – ordered on 25th April, shipped on 27th April, still not arrived. Must be coming by camel.


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