Report on CRANAplus Conference 2011

Well, I guess it’s about time that I posted something about the 2011 conference in Perth.  It was held on October 11-14 and I think it was the best one yet.  As CRANAplus has grown, the conference organising has more and more become a staff responsibility, with a subsequent improvement in the quality and feelContinue reading “Report on CRANAplus Conference 2011”

CRANAplus Conference 2011

This year, the CRANAplus annual conference will be held in Perth.  I submitted a paper “Dealing with uncertainty in clinical practice” which was held in reserve as the organizing committee had more papers than they needed.  This was a good thing, as it wasn’t too long ago that CRANAplus struggled to get enough papers toContinue reading “CRANAplus Conference 2011”

Hiking on Fraser Island – Day 1

In early July 2011, I spent 5 days hiking on Fraser Island accompanied by two of my three daughters.  Laura (15) and Claire (11) donned their backpacks and camping gear for our first major hiking trip together. In April, we hiked two sections of the Larapinta Trail near Alice Springs as a warm-up, but thisContinue reading “Hiking on Fraser Island – Day 1”