Working at night – a good idea?

Since I’m currently working in a job that requires shift work, I’m doing mostly night shifts. This had a few disadvantages, as most people would immediately agree.  However, it also has some advantages: A little extra money.  Night shifts attract a little extra bonus pay compared to morning and afternoon shifts. Longer shifts means fewerContinue reading “Working at night – a good idea?”

Forewarned is fore-armed, or is it?

Sometimes in the Emergency Department we get warning that a seriously unwell person is arriving, and this allows us to prepare the resuscittation room.  Other times, we get little or no warning.  Does this mean we’re not ready for the patient?  At first glance it would seem so, but in reality it doesn’t make anyContinue reading “Forewarned is fore-armed, or is it?”

ARB air compressor a disappointment

I finally got around to dismantling the ARB air compressor mounted under the bonnet of the Landcruiser.  Sure enough, the exhaust valve has failed, again.  Last time it failed, I got a new one from ARB for about 70 cents plus $5 postage.  This time is was informed that the old compressor is no longerContinue reading “ARB air compressor a disappointment”